From Guest Experience to Business/Operations Performance . . . 

InfoInAnInstant Streamlines Your Business Processes

Behind the Scenes

Manage Track and Control Inventory
in Real Time

  • Minimize costs, reduce waste and save time.
  • Automatic reordering and low inventory alerts ensure you never run out of inventory.

Keep  Your Maintenance Under Control

  • Instantly react to problems from dirty bathrooms to equipment failure.
  • Keep track of planned maintenance, and monitor asset levels in multiple locations.
  • Instantly access critical information and service records and automatically contact the correct service provider with one click.

Evaluate real time data to make informed decisions

  • Improve operations and increase performance.
  • Analyze customer trends and increase the relevance and success of your marketing.

Inside the Establishment

  • Showcase your events, specials and menus, and create individual promotions for every customer based upon behavior.
  • Offer online and mobile loyalty programs to generate better retention rates.
  • Recurrency programs capture and turn lost and straggling customers into regular patrons.
  • Real time interaction with individual customers for games, trivia, and surveys.

Beyond the Brick and Mortar

  • Send promotions that generate instant response – Turn a bad night into a great night in minutes.
  • Mobile Food/Gift Card Ordering – Capture new and recurring sales.
  • Reservations – Fill empty tables and generate steady business flow.
  • Geofence Marketing – Target the right demographic with precision.

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